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Records Retrieval

You build your case on facts. Documents and records may not be sexy, but they provide the basis for your arguments, and without them, you’re lost. As the size and complexity of your case grow, so do the needs for obtaining, reviewing and organizing records. We can help. Aristocrat Process Serving has the knowledge and expertise to retrieve the records you need and organize them per your specifications in a way that makes sense and makes your job easier. What’s more, we’ll scan and upload all records to our secure client portal so they will be there for you whenever you need them, 24 hours a day. Call Aristocrat Process Serving today, and let us retrieve the records you need in your litigation.

Expertise in Medical Records Retrieval

In any personal injury or medical malpractice case, medical records will play key roles in the determination of both liability and damages. Doctors’ offices, clinics and hospitals are busy places, and some are better at their document storage and management than others. Regardless of their level of sophistication, medical offices often prioritize dealing with patients and insurance companies over requests from attorneys. We know that thorough preparation is key to the success of your case, and you shouldn’t have to wait for the documents you need. We value time and efficiency as much as you do, and we diligently follow up with health care providers, making multiple calls as needed to make sure the requested documents are delivered. We’ll also make sure the right records are provided. All too often, clinics send records for the wrong patient or records that cover the wrong timeframe. We’ll see to it that you get the documents you requested. Our professional staff are also experienced in the HIPAA privacy rule and electronic transmission of protected health information, along with applicable discovery rules in your jurisdiction. Rest assured we’ll retrieve and deliver your records timely, accurately and professionally.

Call Aristocrat Process Serving for Immediate Assistance with Your Records Retrieval Needs

To request records retrieval, log in to the client portal, and follow the on-screen directions. Don’t have a login? Call 888-880-6824, and a helpful member of our professional staff will gladly take your information so we can get started working for you.

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