art2June2011Process Serving “True” Story

Delay of Game

“On Saturday January 8, 2011 the Seattle Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints matched wits in an NFL playoff game, and I matched wits with a prospective subject who did not want to be served.” Thus begins a process serving True Story told by Kyle Evans, a server with Aristocrat Process Serving since 2004. Like the NFL athletes, Aristocrat process servers take their work very seriously. They train fully, they work hard, and they play fair… even when the “other team” doesn’t.

We return now to Kyle Evans’ story:

“When I arrived at the address I found the front door and living room blinds wide open. The subject was watching television in the living room (near the front door), but as I approached the door he retreated to the kitchen in the rear of the house, clearly attempting to avoid service. As I waited at the front door I could not see the subject, but I saw the football game on his television in the living room, and I realized that from his hiding spot in the kitchen the subject could not view the game. Five minutes passed and I assumed the subject was waiting for me to leave so he could return to the living room to watch the game. I motioned to my co-worker to drive away from the home. Sure enough, as soon as the car was out of view the subject walked from the kitchen toward the front door on his way to the living room. Too late he noticed me, and I informed him, ‘You've been served’ ".

For almost a decade Aristocrat has provided professional service of process to clients in Missouri, and Kansas. We remain diligent in our mission to complete service. Chances are you have heard some process service “horror stories,” either of prospective targets who evaded service or of unethical process servers who lied about “sewer serves.” Stories like that damage public perception of process servers, and we are proud of our sterling reputation for professional service. Our experienced and seasoned servers know how to find people who don’t want to be found and to get people served even when they try to avoid service.

The entire staff at Aristocrat Process Serving goes the extra mile to get your papers served. We maintain the highest ethical standards, and we never tolerate “sewer serves” or any unethical behavior from our process servers. We use state-of-the-art technology and conduct skip-tracing to verify a person’s identity. We provide our clients with robust proof of legal notification, including automated emails of completed service, pictures, and relevant GPS data.

If you need papers served, you need Aristocrat Process Serving. Call us today at 888-880-6824.